All the projects on these pages were designed and manufactured (or restored) in-house by Paul Lucker Designs.

More than 6000 projects over a thirty year period has provided Paul Lucker with unrivalled experience in the field of stained glass, leaded lights and the associated research and development of new products.

Now all this skill and experience is available to architects and interior designers (and other glass companies!) as a consultancy service. Here's how it works...


Do you have an historic building that contains stained glass or leaded lights? And are you wondering how to get a proper analysis of the work that is needed?

Many architects and local Authorities have found that our 'Survey and Report' service is invaluable! Our comprehensive report specifies exactly the work that is required to achieve the best possible results and value for the client, and provides an essential basis for the tendering process. We can even oversee the restoration itself as part of the project management team should you wish.


New Design

We can assist with the design of any stained glass/leaded light project, taking the design brief or mood board and developing a range of proposals that take into consideration not just the aesthetic and cost aspects, but also important technicals requirements such as Health & Safety and Fire regulations, and maintenance and resilience issues.

We can also help source the best supplier at the best price, as close to the site as possible. And if you wish, we can even oversee the full scale design, production and installation.


New Product Development

During the past ten years we have shown a UK ceramic tile company how to make glass tiles.

We have been involved at every stage, from the initial concept with Sales and Marketing, to the development of colours, textures, lustres and special effects with the R&D department. And we have worked closely with Production to ensure every item is efficiently made. They are now the UK's leading manufacturer of glass tiles and their products are successful worldwide.

Check out our Research and Development section, and if you think our glass skills can help you, please let us know.