The restoration of old stained glass and of leaded lights (same thing but without the artwork) is a contentious subject with as many different opinions as the number of experts.

If you go out for prices without a full specification, every contractor will make their own interpretation, and you will not be comparing like-for-like. The lowest price may just allow for in-situ repairs, where others may include for a full restoration, which may well be required.

With our 'Survey and Report' system you will have a comprehensive document specifying exactly what needs to be done, based on what is best for the building and the client. We are always mindful that we are responsible for 'other people's money'.

Allerton Castle - Dining Room

The great fire of January 2005 destroyed a large section of this historic building and between 2006 and May 2008, after a full competitive tendering process, Paul Lucker Designs have restored many stained glass windows to the Great Hall and replaced all the original windows to the Dining Room.

The severity of the fire meant that only fragments of the original remained, but these, together with photographic and other records, provided us with enough information to faithfully recreate this historic stained glass.


New Stained glass for Claremont Hall

This new stained glass landing window is part of an on-going development programme in and around this historic mansion.

Brunswick estates wanted to replace missing original features in what was a derelict building and chose Paul Lucker Designs to colourfully recreate what may have been there, using historical records and remaining architectural features such as cornicing and ceiling details as clues. Other new stained glass features include doors and entryways.


The Royal Hall, Harrogate

When we did our original survey of the Royal Hall in 2005, it was showing it's age - all 101 years of it and there was a real danger that unless it was rescued quickly it would be lost forever.

For the next two years, until its completion early in 2008, Paul Lucker Designs worked on more than five hundred square metres of stained glass and leaded lights. Some required little more than some minor repairs and professional cleaning, but other areas required completely new windows - like the arched head sets to the clerestory windows which had been completely destroyed by WW2 bombs.

In other areas huge screens were recreated to replace those lost to fire damage and today these exactly match their 'original' partners. Much rubbish is talked about the right glasses no longer being available, but here is an example in which is is impossible to tell which of the work is new and which is restored. And all this was achieved with major budgetary restrictions.


Milton Hall - University of Huddersfield

This 1876 church building fell into disuse after about a century and the original architecture was then compromised by various alterations including that as a nightclub venue in the seventies.

When Huddersfield University acquired the property early in the 21st century they employed a team of architects whose drawings provided the basis for Paul Lucker's comprehensive survey and report. This covered a detailed analysis of every stained glass and leaded light window in the building and a minimum recommended action required to repair damage and maintain its integrity. This specification includes the listings of every type and shade of glass required.